The Holy Eucharist

Learn all about the Saints, Symbols, Miracles & Angels


Watch amazing videos including Friar Alessandro speaking to children about the meaning of the Eucharist and cartoons by Brother Francis about Blessed Imelda, how to pray and the sign of the cross.

  • Friar Alessandro

    Friar Alessandro speaks to children preparing for their First Holy Communion Please note that advertisements displayed after this video are not related to this website.

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  • Blessed Imelda

    Watch a video of the story of Blessed Imelda. Blessed Imelda was so holy that she was named The Protectress Of First Holy Communicants by Pope St. Pius X. There had to be a very special…

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  • Our Father

    Jesus teaches us how to pray. When the apostles asked him how to pray he taught them the Our Father. Watch this lovely animated version for children as they learn how to praise God and ask him to look…

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Listen to wonderful stories of the Eucharist: All about the young Martyrs and Saints; Miracles; Angels; Signs and Symbols

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