Young Martyrs & Saints



Many young boys and girls became famous for one thing, their love of Christ Jesus in the Eucharist.

They believed in the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist so much that they longed to receive him in Holy Communion.

In the early church children had to be 12 years old before making their holy communion, this because the Bishop had to make sure that they really believed that Jesus was truly in the sacred host of Holy Communion.

Their love for him was so great that they gave their lives for him.

Find out all about the incredible lives of these young Martyrs and Saints by reading their stories below.


  • St. Stanislaus Kotska

    St. Stanislaus Kotska   This is the story of a remarkable young man with the funny name of Stanislaus who found the secret of real…

  • Nennolina

    NENNOLINA  (Antonietta Meo)   A very special little girl from Italy named Antonietta Meo, died of bone cancer at the very young age of six…

  • Little Nellie of Holy God

    LITTLE NELLIE OF HOLY GOD   Little Nellie Organ was a special girl who loved Holy God with all her heart.  Because she never stopped…

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